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Why you should move from blogspot to self hosted WordPress

Blogspot to wordpress:  I’m sure you are here because you want to know why you should move from blogspot to WordPress. The blogger platform is indeed a very good place to start as a newbie to learn, it has a lot of advantages on it own which includes free hosting easy to start and run it on your own but it has a whole lot of limitations. While it is very easy to out-grow the blogspot platform, it is almost impossible to out-grow the WordPress platform, because it has all the features and functionalities to accommodate all your needs as you grow. So as a student you are expected to learn and graduate to another level and that is where self hosted WordPress comes in.  Let’s say blogspot is a primary school while is a high school.


So let’s explore some of the great benefits of self hosted wordpress.

  • Self hosted WordPress puts you in charge
  • It gives you total control over your business so you don’t have to be afraid of losing what you have taken days, months or years to build (just like a lost one my blog after s much effort I put into growing the blog)
  • SEO: one of the biggest benefit of WordPress is that it is very rich in search engine optimization, and you know that seo is the heart of every web page because it determines your success. Bad seo is NO traffic while good seo means more  organic traffic to your site.
  • Plugin: the use of Plugin makes wordpress supper. With plugin you can achieve almost every and anything you want to achieve, just name it and there’s a plugin yo take care of it.  With the help of Plugin you can add a store to your site, accept payment, track shipping, email your customers and keep them coming back to ask for more. And the beautiful thing about it is that it all comes Free (though if you want more you need to upgrade)
  • Easy to use: wordpress is very easy to use, you can do it all on your own with tutorials that comes along with every aspect of WordPress.
  • Theme: worpress themes are very beautiful and professionally designed to help your business grow. Once your able to capture the attention of your site visitor’s and present them with useful things at strategic points to keep them glued to your site, you are sure of increased sales.
  • Advert: with WordPress it is very easy to sell ad on your site, track and manage the success of your ad without any third party input.

Now you can see some of the great benefits that awaits you at worpress and I’m sure you’ve seen enough reasons to move from blogspot to


Welcome to the platform of professionals, welcome to worpress, welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities.

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