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Get Professional Digital Marketing Training and Market like a PRO.

Digital marketing is the act of using the Internet to market your products, services and create brand awareness. Digital marketing has proven to be one of the most effective system of marketing, because of its return on investment(ROI).
Buchibrand professional digital marketing training will teach you better ways to target your potential audience/customers based on their:

What You Will Learn on this Training

In this digital marketing you will learn how to market your products, services and create brand awareness using:

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  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more) You will learn how to advertise on Facebook using your own Custom Audience from your own Source (PIXEL), a good way of following your website visitors and anyone who has interacted with your content to Social Media.
  • Search Engine: (Google, Bing…) Learn how to advertise on google.
  • Email: (Free and Paid options) how to generate lead and many more.
  • Website/Blog: how to market your products/services on your website/blog using E-commerce tools. We can also help you design a basic website to start your marketing with.
  • Mobile Applications: WhatsApp, Telegram, and your own App.
  • Affiliate Marketing: learn how affiliate marketing works
  • ETC.
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Other Benefits of this Digital Marketing Training

After this training, you will not just be able to promote your own products, services and brand, you can also make it a profession. You will be able to take up the job of a social media manager, create Ad for businesses around you. Want to add another source of income? Get professional digital marketing training today and become your own boss.

Training Venue: WhatsApp Group.

Training Duration: One Week.

Training Fee: N5000 (Five thousand Naira only) $15 (USD)

Bonus: after the training you will get Free E-book and Training Videos worth about $200 or more.

For more information:

Call/WhatsApp: 08028155310, 08103986481

Knowledge and right application of knowledge is power. 
No knowledge is a waste, acquire New Professional Digital Marketing Skills today.
The world has moved on, don’t allow yourself to be left behind. Do not wait until Artificial Intelligence takes over your job before you make a move.

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