NNU Support Free Money

Do you want to join NNU but don’t have enough money to register?

👉I have an offer for you.👈

NNU is an initiative of Paul Sampson which has helped and still helping a lot of Nigeria Youths. NNU pays you to read news(daily login #50), share sponsored post (on Facebook and Twitter #100) and comment on posts(#2 per comment).
Referral Reward: You also make money from those who join NNU through you (you are rewarded with #1000 out of their #1600 registration fee)
What Does it cost to join NNU?
To join NNU Income Program, you need just #1600 only.
Now I want to believe that you don’t have up to #1600 now and you want to join NNU.

I want to support you to join NNU with between #500 and #1000.

(1) Drop a comment under this post, stating your interest to join NNU, how much you already have and how much support you need.

(2) You will choose how you want to get the support:
(A) Airtime
(B) Data
(C) Bank Transfer

(3) You will be required to provide your phone number and bank details (for bank transfer, GTB only)
(4) Registration: you will have two options;
(A) Complete the registration yourself, make the payment and get refunded part of the money.
(B) Send me your details, and the amount you have. I will do the registration for you, make payment and you can change your password after.
NOTE: you can complete the registration yourself, send me your login details and money to make payment.

You must register with my referral ID/link (Buchibrand) to get my support. If you are not under me, you will not get my support both financially and training.

How to register: click to Join NNU Income Program, complete the registration form, select Paystack, make payment and confirm your registration.

Once your registration is confirmed, I will fulfill my own part of the bargain and this is guaranteed once you are under me.
NOTE! Please take the first step (#1 above) wait for my response, we agree on how much support you will get before you proceed to other steps.

For quick response, send me a WhatsApp message on 08028155310 after completing STEP ONE.

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