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Nigeria Photographers: Are you one of the photographers in Nigeria asking how can i make money online in Nigeria as a photographer (or even any other ARTISAN)?

If you are a photographer in Nigeria and you are yet to explore the enormous opportunities online to grow your customer base and increase sales, you are still lacking behind. The truth is that a lot of Nigeria photographers are making it big time online and you have got a lot of catch-up to do now. But you have actually not missed much, the truth is that you are here now and you are about to discover simple ways of making money online in Nigeria with your skill.


You can start making money online selling your skill, just think about the same ways you tell people about your business in your street, neighborhood and at events, it is almost the same online. You can share your business card online and equally sell your skill through constant exposure.

How to make money online in Nigeria Photographers Only

  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Classified Sites.
  • Stock Image Sites.

Now lets get started by explaining how you can take advantage of the points above.

FACEBOOK: everyone knows that Facebook is the biggest social networking site, with over 2billion users worldwide. That number alone explains why you cant neglect Facebook if you intend to successfully market your skills and make money online. I will encourage you to start with your Facebook timeline if you are not doing that already. Start uploading nice shots and start tagging your friends and family.

How is works: take nice photo shots, edit with Picmix, Add your name and contact on the pix, upload (add a little description like “one of my job”, friends what do you think about this pix taken by me?”) and tag your friends.

INSTAGRAM: Instagram is a very powerful social media site for sharing photos and short videos. So how are you suppose to maximize the opportunities this platform has got to offer?Just follow the steps i mention above under Facebook, but in the case of Instagram you really need to ensure that the photos you are uploading are of a very high quality. It is also very important to learn how to tag/mention people on instagram, it all starts with a @ and others follow, eg, @buchibrand.


Tag wisely, tag the people that matters in your industry, tag those who you want to see your work, tag those who will be willing to hire or partner you. So you should be tagging other photographers (senior ones) like TYBello, Tag Wedding and Fashion bloggers like, LindaIkeji, BellaNaijaWedding, and other people that may likely hire you. Don’t forget to “hashtag” it is very powerful.

FORUM: another way of marketing your skill online is through forum, join online forum, read their rules and start posting and contributing to relevant topics. HOW? Signup wit a user name that describes your skill, eg. buchiPhotos, Photographer1 etc. Post your photos, and comment on posts that are related to photography. Bonus: if you have indept knowledge of photography, you may want to start sharing tips on photography.

CLASSIFIED SITES: join some of the classified sites around and start posting your ad. HOW? register on JIJI.NG and OLX and start posting things like, “Cheap but Quality birthday photo shoot”, “Pre-wedding photo shoot’ etc. Add a very cheap price or use the “Contact for Price” option.

STOCK IMAGE SITES: Join sites like pixabay and start contributing your own photos to the site.

HOW? SignUp, Fill your profile details and start start uploading some of your beautiful works. Hint: upload funny images, animals, beautiful sites and many others things blogger and others internet users will like to download. Those who appreciate your works will like to donate to you.

BLOG: start posting shot stories around your photos, share your ideas and encourage up coming photographers through your blog posts. This is indeed one of the very best ways of making cool money online.  You can start with a free blogger blog and grow to WordPress.


Start your own self hosted website and take control of your business. is actually a very nice place to start because it has got all you need to start and to grow. I deliberately added this last because i assume you don’t have money to start your own website, so i expect you to explore other options above, then when you’ve made some little extra cash you can invest in owning your own website. See the difference between a Blogger blog and WordPress.

Finally: there are so many other cool ways to make money online, just be creative and continue to research.

Do you know any other way(s) to make money online as a photographer that is not listed here? Add it through the comment box below, and if you’ve found this article helpful why not share it with others using the social media sharing icons below?

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