MTN SME Data Share

MTN SME Data Share Secret Unlocked

MTN SME Data Share Secret
This articles will teach you the following things about Mtn sme data share:

  • What Mtn Sme Data  Share is
  • How to start Mtn Sme Data Share
  • How to buy different packages of mtn sme date
  • The basic codes for mtn sme data share
  • Frequent Ask Questions about MTN SME DATA SHARE
  • The Secret of Selling 250mb and 500MB
  • How to get the 90days Mtn Sme Data validity.

What is MTN SME Data Share?

MTN SME Data Share is a prepaid service that allows business owners to buy data bundles and share with their staff. This
service is specifically designed for growing businesses offering them the ability to centrally manage internet usage per
staff across their business.
MTN SME Data Share has been designed to be simple, intuitive self-service solution, putting you in full control of your
spend on data across your business.

To enjoy this service, you will need to first migrate to the MTN SME Plus tariff plan by texting 460 to 131.

Key Features

Data is transferred to beneficiaries using SMS or USSD
Data can be shared with anyone
The sharer of the data (sponsor) will have control of allocating data
Multiple data plans

You are able to provide internet access to all your staff even when on the go or in geographically-dispersed staff.
You are able to better plan/manage spend on internet for all your staff.
Subscription Plans

Bundle Price  Data Bundle    Max. No of Shares     Validity
N10,000                22GB                        20 Shares of 1GB          30 Days
N13,500             30GB                         10 Shares of 2GB           30 Days
N50,000           150GB                           10 Shares of 5GB           90 Days

MTN SME Data Share FAQs

How do I purchase an MTN SME Data Share bundle?
To purchase an MTN SME Data Share bundle, all you need to do is:

Send 460 to 131 or dial *460# to migrate to the SME Plus Service Class
You must ensure your airtime balance (on the mobile phone doing the sharing) can cater for the cost of data bundle being purchased.
Pay for a data share bundle by sending the keyword that corresponds to the plan you wish to purchase (as in table above).
How does the customer recharge his account?
Three days before subscription expiration, customer will be sent an SMS every day advising for payment to be made.

Payment is made by:

  • Recharge Card
  • VTU
  • Cheque
    Once the airtime is credited, the payment will be automatically deducted from the phone’s airtime and validity of the subscription will be extended accordingly.

How can I recharge large sums on my mobile airtime to pay for the MTN SME Data Share Service?
You can use Quickteller by visiting Quickteller enables you to recharge your mobile airtime using your ATM card. To recharge large sums of money online at Quickteller, please follow the steps below first:

  • Go to the nearest ATM, and insert your ATM card
  • Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
  • Select ‘Pay Bills’
  • Select ‘Others’
  • Enter ‘322222” as the Payment Code
  • Enter your phone number as the Customer Reference Number
  • Follow the prompts to complete the transaction
  • Service costs N1.
    Once your number is registered you shall be able to recharge large sums using one-time passwords that will be sent to your phone to securely complete each transaction.

Can I top-up anytime during subscription cycle?
Yes, you can purchase any additional data share bundle plan multiple times within the month of existing subscription whether or not the data is exhausted. Data will be accumulated and expiry date will assume latest date of purchase.

Can I share data with sizes greater than 1GB?

Yes, sponsor can share data in the following data sizes; 250MB, 500MB 1GB, 2GB and 5GB.

Can I share data to another set of beneficiaries when I renew a bundle during the subscription period?
When sponsor renews or purchases a new plan during the subscription period, whether or not the current data bundle is exhausted, the sponsor shall have the ability to share data a maximum of 10 times specific to this new plan.

Can beneficiary receive data from multiple sponsors?
No. A beneficiary shall receive data from one sponsor at a time. Beneficiaries can however receive data from another sponsor when they exhaust the initial data.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can share data?
Yes. Each sponsor shall have the ability to share data a maximum of 10 times per bundle plan purchased.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can share data with a beneficiary?
No. One beneficiary shall be able to receive data multiple times from a sponsor, irrespective of the bundle plan the data is being shared from, as long as the sponsor has not reached his/ her maximum of 10 shares per bundle. Data shared to the beneficiary shall be accumulated and expiry date will reflect latest data share.

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If the beneficiary receives multiple data from the same sponsor, will it accumulate?
Yes. the data will accumulate and assume the expiry date of the latest data bundle. However, unused data shall be forfeited once the bundle expires.

When will the data of the beneficiary expire?
When a Data Share Sponsor successfully shares a portion of his data bundle to a Data Share Beneficiary, the data shall expire on the same date as the originating data bundle. For example if the Sponsor’s originating bundle is a 30-day plan expiring 1st March 2018, then the Data Share created for the Beneficiary will also expire on 1st March 2018.

How do I share data with a beneficiary?

You can share data with any beneficiary by sending SMS below to 131 as shown in the table below (or dial *461# and follow the prompt):
SMS Format to send to 131 to share data with your employees or clients, send

SMEA <PhoneNumber> 250 <PIN> to 131  to transfer 250MB

SMEB <PhoneNumber> 500 <PIN> to 131 SMS to transfer 500MB

SMEC <PhoneNumber> 1000 <PIN> to 131 SMS to transfer 1GB

SMED <PhoneNumber> 2000 <PIN> to 131 SMS to transfer 2GB

SMEE <PhoneNumber> 5000 <PIN> to 131 SMS to transfer 5GB

NOTE: You can only share data in multiples of 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB or 5GB. Sharing data in multiples of any other data sizes is not allowed.

For example to share 250MB of data with beneficiary using phone number 07061234567 and MTN PIN ‘1234’, then the following is sent as SMS to 131 (or Dial *461# and follow the prompt);

SMEA 07031234567 250 1234 = Correct Format!
SMEA 07031234567 200 1234 = Wrong Format
SMEB 07031234567 200 1234 = Wrong Format
SMESHARE 08031234567 200 1234 = Wrong Format

Can I share data sizes multiple times to the same beneficiary?
Yes, especially when the data size which you wish to share is larger than 5GB. To share data of larger sizes than 10GB for instance, you may share 5GB twice or 2GB five times or 1GB ten times. For example, to share 10GB of data with beneficiary using phone number 08031234567 and MTN PIN ‘1234’, simply send SMEE 08031234567 5000 1234 twice to effectively share 10GB.

Does beneficiary’s phone number have to be an MTN phone number to enjoy the service?
Yes, the beneficiary’s phone number must be an MTN phone number on any service class.

How do I check my data balance?
You simply send DATABALANCE to 131 or dial *461# and follow the prompt

How do beneficiaries check their data balance?
The beneficiary checks own balance by sending SHAREBALANCE to 131 or dialing *461*4#.

Can I use my existing MTN PIN for the MTN SME Data Share service?
Yes. But if it doesnt not work, call the customer care line to request a new pin.

Now how do i share 250mb and 500mb when you said the minimum Mtn  SME Data Bundle is 10GB and that i have to share it only 10 times?

Now this is what i have not seen anyone explain, they said it is the secret of their business. The truth is that there is no secret about it, it is a matter of thinking outside the box to figure out the obvious. So if you want to start Mtn Sme Data Share business and you are wondering how others are selling 25omb and 500mb, because you want to do same. This is how it works:

You bought 10GB and you must share it 10 times, it simply means that if you can get someone to buy 2GB from you in one share, you can be able to share 500mb to 2 other beneficiaries.

Now if you are able to sell 5gb IN ONE SHARE, it means that you can share 250mb , 500, to other beneficiaries and still be within the maximum 10 shares. now that is so simple right?, so go ahead and SHARE DATA.


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    1. Hi Ayobami, that bundle package is not for SME Data resellers,bacause the rate per 1gb is about #750. The best package for startups is the 22GB for #10,000 promo bundle. 10000÷22GB=454.6, which is still reasonable.
      Dial*461*2*1# then select the option 2and proceed to make payment.

    1. If you notice we sell Mtn 1GB Data on this site #570 and we are still making profit. So for you to sell cheaper and make profit you have to go for the higher Mtn SME Data Bundle plan. But if you are a beginner who doesn’t have enough capital to buy the higher bundle plan or you don’t have enough customers yet to sell to, then you can ask me what to do next.
      I will show you how to buy and sell cheaper and still make profit, and you can start with as little as 5k.

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