Mtn Sme data share price increase

MTN SME Data Share Price Increase



MTN Sme Data Share Price increase, Mtn Nigeria has notified her customers of the intention to increase the price of their Mtn sme Data Share Bundles. This means that the normal 10Gig that goes for N5,500 will now be sold for N7,500.

DATA          OLD PRICES               NEW PRICES

10GB            N5,500                      N7,500

20GB           N11,000                    N14,000

50GB           N25,000                   N30,000

What does this mean for mtn sme data share resellers?

  • You will no longer be able to resell mtn sme data for the normal N600.
  • you will no longer subscribe for the normal N5500/10G.
  • You will have to increase your minimum investment, from N5,500 to N7,500.
  • You may loose more customers.
  • You may sell less
  • You may earn less.

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What does this mean for users (beneficiaries)?

  • You will have to pay more for same value
  • You will have to adjust your monthly data budget upward.
  • if you can’t pay more, you will be getting less data for the same amount you’ve been paying.

What does this mean for mtn?

  • They will be getting more from this product
  • They will be getting more for less.
  • They may likely receive less patronage.
  • It further bridges the gap between the sme data bundles and normal data bundles.
  • This may signal an end to MTN Sme Data Share business, if the prices of other bundles remain the same.

I leave you to make of it what you think, it is left for you to decide to continue or stop your participation on this program.

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