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How to get free traffic to your website

How to get free targeted web traffic to boost your sales and alexa ranging.


1. The most effective method to get targeted free traffic to you site or Blog

2. The kind of Website or Blog Traffic That Will enhance your Search Engine Ranking

If you have been struggling to get enough  free and quality daily traffic to your website/blog, not getting enough traffic from popular search engine like google, bing, yahoo or your pages are not being indexed by google and other popular search engine. Here are few things you need to do in other to increase your website traffic, get more of your pages indexed by search engine. And get daily free website traffic from search engine.

1. Traffic Exchange: Join few good Traffic Exchange site and start visiting other sites on the surf page. The more of other peoples sites you visit the more credit you get which you in-turn assign to your own ad, and the more ad credit you have the more your site will also be visited by other surfer. I will suggest you join these two Traffic Exchange site, reason being that they allow you to target your visitors based on interest and  location. With this kind of traffic coming to your page daily, you are definitely sure that  those who are visiting your Website is somehow interested in what you’ve got to offer and few of them may likely convert to lead or sales.

Before i list the sites, let me at this junction advice you to ensure your site loading speed is okay, and that your key offer/products/services are displayed in an eye catching way so that those visiting will quickly see what your page is all about. Traffic exchange surfers are not the patient type, once the timer runs down they are off to another site, so if your site is still loading while the time is out, you would have missed a potential customer. Secondly if your page loads fast but your main offer is not well arranged at strategic point to capture their attention, they are gone because none of them have time to scroll down or click to view other pages unless you are able to capture their attention at a glance.


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