How to Earn Money as a VTU Agent in Nigeria

Buchibrand VTU Agents are those who are ready to take their VTU business to the next level.

VTU = Virtual Top Up.

Virtual Top Up of Airtime, Data, TV subscription and Electricity bills payment.

With our fully automated VTU portal you can perform any of the services above instantly.
Just fund your wallet using any of the many options available:

  1. Direct Bank Transfer
  2. Card Payment Using Paystack
  3. Personalized Bank account number from Providus bank.
Become a VTU Agent in Nigeria and earn money

Buchibrand VTU Agent Categories.

  1. Affiliates: Free Registration, Free to Earn and Free To Cashout (N100 fee per cashout request). Our Recharge Affiliates, don’t need any money to start. Just login to your dashboard, under the menu select Key Settings and copy your Referral Link to invite your friends. If you own a website or Blog, you can use the banner or widget code to refer sales.
  2. Resellers: our VTU resellers earn in three ways.
  • Direct commission on sales
  • Referral Commission
  • Profit on sales


  • Direct Commission: each time you Recharge on our VTU portal, you get a certain percentage of your purchase as commission (all registered users are qualified for this).

  • Referral Commission: if someone you refer to our VTU portal Recharges, you earn a certain percentage(on all their recharges). And there is no limit to how much you can earn daily/weekly/monthly.

  • Profit On Sales: the resellers are at liberty to sell any amount they wish to their customers who are not registered on the site. We know that there are so many people who don’t use ATM Card and don’t even patronize electronic banking, yet they have smartphones. Our resellers can target such people, sell to them directly and earn direct profit on sales (just add a little extra Profit).

  • 3. VTU AGENTS: our VTU Agents are those who want to take their VTU business to the next level.
    These category of people are Affiliates, Resellers and partners.
    What makes Our VTU Agents different is:

Financial Commitment.
Monthly Target.

Financial Commitment: to become our VTU Agent you must fund your wallet with a minimum of N10,000 (Ten thousand Naira, only). A one time fee of N2000 (Two thousand Naira, only) will be deducted from your balance to setup your VTU Agent account, and you’re on your way to earning more.

Monthly Target: we set target for our VTU Agents every month, and the target is only for Reward.
The target does not affect your sales and Referral Commission payment.


  • All VTU Agent are entitled to N5000-N25,000 Compulsory Monthly Agent Reward (Performance based).
  • Earn N100,000 Business Support bonus (once payment).
  • And if an Agent refer another Agent such agent will earn 50% commission on agent fee.
  • Agents get a VTU portal setup for just N20,000.
  • Our Agents enjoy special Monthly Incentives (Incentives are announced from time to time).
  • And Agents get special treatment: fast payment, support and Marketing Tips.
  • You get regular Free Airtime and Data gift(Affiliates, Resellers and VTU Agents).
  • Get Free marketing materials.
  • More benefits loading>>>>>>

All our committed agents should earn a minimum of about 10-50k monthly. You need to work hard to Earn. Promote, refer, sale directly and you will be smiling monthly when the alert comes in.

What are you waiting for? Get started NOW


I have been getting messages lately that suggest to us that most people are yet to understand how this works.

Some of them because of that have decided not to take any action, while some have left.

The reason fraud and scam thrive in this part of the world, is because of the attitude of our people.

How do you expect to earn where you didn’t work?


YES! You can start without money. But those you refer MUST recharge (purchase) for you to earn.


NO! You can start as a reseller and fund as low as N500. With that money on your wallet you can recharge Airtime and Data, and you also earn commission on your recharges.


That’s for those who want to take their VTU business to the next level and share in our business profit. You partner with us, and you get rewarded.

Please if N500 to fund your wallet and test the system is a big risk to you, please do not bother to join. And if your plan is to refer your friends who are not ready to make any purchase, yet you want to earn, please do not join.

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