How to Earn 3000 Daily on Piggyvest

Learn how to earn money on piggyVest. In this article I will show you how you can make money online, at least 3000 Naira daily from Piggyvest App (piggybank). But to start with let’s look at what piggyvest is and how to make money in Nigeria from piggyvest  (formerly PiggyBank)

PiggyVest which was formerly known as piggybank is a secured banking app like your normal bank, but piggyvest app is uniquely different from others because it helps you save and invest your money with lots of ease. With PiggyVest, you can lock a certain amount of money for a particular period of time, and get access to your money exactly when you really needed it and equally gain up to 15% interest on it.

It simply means that you can plan how to securely save, spend and invest your money with piggyvest. And that’s not all, you can as well earn money up to N10,000 daily on piggyvest.


  1. Piggyvest helps you to save daily; daily savings
  2. Save towards a project or assignment: Target Savings
  3. Safely Lockout some fund for a particular period of time so that you don’t get to spend it unnecessarily. If your savings need is geared towards the long term, the SafeLock feature is perfect for you. And it comes with higher interest rates, giving you the opportunity to earn more money when you lock away funds you don’t need today.
  4. You can also invest on Transportation, Agriculture, and other investment opportunities. Investify is designed to help you take advantage of low risk investment opportunities.


Visit the website or download the app to create an account.

Set up your withdrawal account details; this is the bank account where your savings can be sent to at maturity.

Enter your debit card details to activate your account and then make your first deposit. (You may use a MasterCard, Visa or Verve card from any Nigerian bank, you can equally do transfer).

You may now proceed to use any of the Savings Plans to start your daily, weekly or monthly savings.


You earn one thousand Naira on Piggyvest each time you refer a qualified account. And the person you referred also gets #1000.That’s a win-win situation and the registration it absolutely free.

After your registration, you need to fund your account with at least N1000 and either create a Safelock or start a target savings(or even both). With that you’ve qualified to get the N1000, and the person who referred you also gets N1000.

NOTE: you can’t withdraw the money till after 10days (the N1000 will be locked for ten days to avoid abuse) yet you will still earn interest on your N1000.


  • BVN
  • Debit Card (you can also transfer from your bank app)
  • Minimum of N1000

Piggyvest has the highest interest on savings and Safelock so far. Once you lock any amount of money, the interest is paid upfront. So I advice you to move all your idle money to piggyvest to earn daily interest.

BONUS: you can fix/Safelock your rent of school fees for few days and still withdraw it with interest. The more friends and family you refer to use piggyvest, the more N1000 you both earn. The target of this article is to encourage you to refer at least 3 friends daily. N1000X3 friends=N3000 and you can even refer up to 10 friends or more daily.

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