How to Change Fiverr Paypal Withdrawal Email

Now you can easily change Your Fiverr PayPal Withdrawal Email without the help of any body. I have been getting messages from some of my followers on how to change fiverr PayPal Email and I have decided to write about it today.

Change Fiverr Paypal Email

Why people change Fiverr Paypal Email

Some of the reasons why fiverr users often seek to change their paypal withdrawal email is:

  1. Paypal account limitations: paypal is notorious with limiting and blocking users account with or without provocation. So, once the PayPal sledge hammer comes on your account, you will seek alternative PayPal account to withdraw your fiverr earnings.
  • 2. Withdrawal through Exchangers: most fiverr users, especially Nigerians withdraw their fiverr earnings through third party Ecurrency Exchangers, like BuchibrandExchange. So, once you get a better offer from another exchanger, your current exchange is having issue with Paypal or not ready for the fund at the time you’re want to withdraw; then the need to change Fiverr Paypal email arises.

How to change Fiverr Paypal Email.

Once you have enough available funds for withdrawal, you have the option to change the PayPal account linked to your fiverr account. And this is done manually through a text link on your billing information page, because if you dont change it, fiverr will send your funds to the linked payapl account.

  • 1. login to your fiverr account on a desktop Computer,
  • 2. click on profile
  • 3. click on Settings
  • 4. Click on Billing Information.
  • 5. You will see PAYPAL FOR WITHDRAWALS and a “change” text link, click on it to change your paypal email.
  • 6. The Verification window will pop-up. Enter the verification code you receive, and then click Submit Code.

An email with some instructions will be sent to your PayPal email.

For security reasons, updating your PayPal email will disable PayPal withdrawals on the account for 24 hours.

Click the link in the email you receive to update your PayPal email on your Fiverr account. From the Change PayPal Address page, enter the new PayPal email address you would like to associate with your account. Note: You will need to be logged in to access the Change PayPal Address page. Click Save Changes and you are good to go.

Wait for 24hours, click on the withdraw link and follow the instructions on the email fiverr will send you to get your funds to your updated PayPal account.

Now you can see that it is very simple to change the PayPal account that’s linked to your fiverr account, so go ahead and try it out now, and let me know what you think using the comment form below.

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