How to Start Data and Airtime VTU Business in Nigeria

Airtime and Data Vtu agents needed


In this article, you will learn how to start Data and Airtime VTU business in Nigeria and make good money on daily basis. It may interest you to know that VTU Business is a very big and lucrative business in Nigeria today.

What is Data and Airtime VTU Business all about?

Virtual Top Up (VTU) of Airtime and Data is a service that offers customers direct Airtime or Data credit on their line. The customer does not need to dial any code or press any button, all they do is to send you their Mobile number, make payment and you credit them instantly.

Data and Airtime VTU Resellers in Nigeria

Do you know that It is not only Internet Service Providers that can sell data to people In Nigeria today? You can actually buy MTN Data from people around you, who are not MTN, GLO, Airtel or 9mobile staff. These people are referred to as VTU resellers. And do you also know that you can become one of them immediately after reading this article?

What do I need to start Data and Airtime VTU Business in Nigeria?

  1. Enough Capital: To start a data and airtime VTU business in Nigeria, you need enough start-up capital. This will enable you open the business and stock up on data and airtime. Yes, if you want to start the VTU Business in Nigeria, you need about 2million Naira and above to be able to buy directly from the service providers. But if you don’t have 2m or even 200k to start, you can start with as low as 1000 Naira and still make cool profit. Read to the end of this article to find out how.

2. Smartphone: you need a smartphone to start Data and Airtime VTU Business, because you will need to download the service provider’s app, login to your wallet, reach out to customers on social media and others things a smartphone can do.

3. Sim Card and Internet Connection: you need a sim card and internet connection to start with. You know what this means, so I don’t need to waste much time on this.

4. Website/VTU Portal: a functional website or VTU portal is needed to dispense data and airtime to customers. With a website/portal, your customers can create account, fund their wallet and make purchases without any further action from you.

Need an affordable website or VTU portal? Contact us now.

5. Automation/API Provider: Automation takes care of instant delivery. So, if you’re going to do this vtu business in a big way, you need to automate all your This will enable you o top up your customers airtime and data instantly. It is called Sim Hosting and there are so many companies doing that online.

How to Buy Data and Airtime in Bulk

Service Providers: the only way to doing this business is to become a distributor or partner of any of the service providers in Nigeria. You can buy MTN Corporate Gifting and SME Data directly from MTN. More details on how to buy data directly from MTN can be found on the MTN business page . And you can also get these services from MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9mobile app. Download their app from Google Play store or Apple store to start now.


Yes, you heard me right, you can start Data and Airtime resale business in Nigeria with as low as One Thousand Naira. You can even grow your business over time and make good profit in so doing. You can start with just your smartphone and grow into owning your own vtu portal.

How it works:

visit any of the sites listed below, register, verify account (if applicable), fund your wallet using your debit card or bank transfer, and start reselling data, airtime, pay electricity bill, generate power token and renew cable tv (DStv, gotv…) subscription.

  1. Buchibrand Recharge: yes you can become our agent and start making cool profit reselling MTN DATA and Airtime, Airtel Data and Airtime, GLO and 9Mobile Data. Just visit Buchibrand Recharge vtu portal . You can buy cheap data from Buchibrand Recharge for as low as 225 per gigabit. You can talk to Buchibrand on WhatsApp for further support on how to fund your wallet and instant resolution of issues on the platform.
  2. Elecastle Sub: you can also get cheap data to resale on elecastle sun, . They are reliable (this is not a guarantee), but you can also do your due diligence. If you Signup to Elecastlesub using my referral link or ID “Buchibrand” you will get my support on the platform if you run into any issue.
  3. VTPass: You can buy cheap data in Nigeria from VTPass offer special discount rates to bulk buyers of data and airtime vouchers.
    Buying your data and airtime from trusted wholesalers sites listed above will help you sell at more affordable prices to your customers. This will increase the patronage you get and your profit margins at the same time.
    In summary: You can start a Virtual Top Up (VTU) airtime and data business with little capital and make good money reselling MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile SME Data, airtime…


The VTU (Virtual Top Up) business is one of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria. Anybody can start this business from home with very little capital. By reselling airtime and data, you will be able to make a huge profit without lifting a finger. Because, VTU business has become popular in recent times due to its outstanding returns which have attracted many Nigerians (including banks) into the business.
And the best thing about this kind of business is that it can be done any part of Nigeria and it requires low capital.


You can start up your own VTU Business by becoming a VTU reseller for MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9Mobile, or Buy from wholesalers
And the basic thing you need is a smartphone or computer connected to the internet and you are good to go.
Section: You can also make money by selling MTN SME Data resale as well as Airtel SME Data reseller.
So, if want to make money online, then starting a VTU Business is a wise decision for you, because you can make so much money if you know how to promote your business through social media campaign. But, don’t be greedy, add just a little profit margin and sell more.

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