YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Learn Basic YouTube Marketing Strategy

In this article, I will show you the basic YouTube Marketing Strategy to promote, boost and make money from your YouTube channel.


YouTube is a great tool for marketing, but it can be difficult to reach your audience on the platform. It’s not just about making videos and uploading them to YouTube—you have to do everything else too. You need to optimize your videos for SEO (search engine optimization), write good descriptions, use thumbnails that make sense, and so on. If you’re just starting out with YouTube marketing, keep reading! We’ll walk through all these steps so that you understand where to focus your efforts first.

How to promote your YouTube channel

Once you’ve built a strong following, it’s time to start promoting your YouTube channel. One of the best ways to do this is by promoting your YouTube channel on other social media platforms like TikTok Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. You can also use email lists or website landing pages as well as offline marketing efforts like in-person events and trade shows if they’re available in your area.

To help promote your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

  • Use @mentions when talking about live streams so that fans who aren’t subscribed know who’s talking about them (and vice versa). If someone tweets about one of their favorite live streams from last year’s VidCon conference for example—you might want to mention them specifically so they’ll know how much fun they had watching!
  • Share links back into their feeds so they don’t forget where all these cool things came from later down the line.”

Using SEO and Writing Descriptions

  • Keywords.
  • Descriptions.
  • Titles.
  • Tags and subtitles, which are both ways to describe what you’re doing in your video (more on this later).
  • Captions, which are text that appears on the bottom of the screen when someone is watching a video or reading an article online; they can also be used as keywords for search engines if you have them set up properly!

Creating Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the small images that appear at the top of your video. They’re meant to give viewers a sense of what they’re about to see and help them decide whether or not they want to watch it. The best thumbnails will have:

  • A clear description of what’s happening in the video (e.g., “Watch me fall down this hill”)
  • Clear call-to-action (e.g., “Buy our product!”)

The most important thing is that you make sure your thumbnail size is large enough so people can easily read it, while still keeping it short enough that they don’t get bored looking at it over and over again!

Resizing videos for other platforms

You can also resize your videos for other platforms. This is a great way to share content on social media, blogs and other websites. For example, if you want to upload a video of yours on YouTube but it’s too big for Facebook or Twitter, then resizing the file will help reduce its size so that it fits properly on those sites.

One important thing to keep in mind when resizing your videos is how much quality loss there will be when they’re reduced in size—you don’t want them looking grainy or pixelated as they shrink down! To determine how much quality loss there might be with different resolutions (1080p vs 720p), use this formula: Resolution * Height / Width = Quality Factor

Getting the most views on Facebook with video posts

To get the most out of your video, here are some tips:

  • Try a short, relevant and interesting video.
  • Use a call to action in your video description.
  • Choose an eye-catching thumbnail for your post that reflects what you’re going to be talking about in the description.
  • Choose tags that will help people find more information about what they’re looking for when searching for similar content online (for example, if someone searches “how do i make money online?” then adding the keyword “make money online” as one of their tag options will help them find related articles).
  • Add keywords related to those topics as well so people can see how much traffic has come across this page based on search terms entered by users who were interested in those topics at some point during their research process.”

Using YouTube ads to boost video views

YouTube ads are a great way to promote your videos. They can be used to promote your channel, or they can be used to promote a specific video. You can also use them to promote a specific video and channel, or even multiple videos on different channels!

To start using YouTube ads:

  • Sign up for an account at
  • Once you have logged into the website, click on “Create Ad” in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Enter information about what kind of ad you’d like: brand name; description; price; language (if applicable); number of days left before expiration date (if applicable). If you don’t know how much money we charge per month yet but still want me as my own personal consultant who’ll help guide through this process—just let me know!

Make money on Youtube using paid product placements. What is a product placement?

A product placement is when a brand pays for their logo or product to be featured in a video. This can be done in many ways, but the most common way is through in-video advertising. In other words, you’ll have your own ad that plays before or after each video and appears on screen for a few seconds during playback (as long as it doesn’t take up too much space). You can also use paid product placements as part of your YouTube marketing strategy by creating videos specifically around specific brands’ products and services.

All these methods work best when you’re targeting highly-targeted audiences within specific niche markets that fit into one of these categories:

  • Consumers who are searching for relevant keywords related to what you’re selling
  • Users who are interested in finding out more about this particular product/service/company

You can use your channel as a marketing tool.

Use your channel as a marketing tool.

If you have a business, use your channel to promote it. If you sell products or services, use it to promote them. If there are specific channels on YouTube that fit with each of these categories (like “Product Reviews”), then feel free to go ahead and create those channels so that viewers can find out more about what exactly it is that makes up your brand!

The possibilities are endless when it comes down to how we can leverage our content by sharing it across multiple platforms like Facebook and Twitter while also creating content specific only towards another platform like Instagram which allows us more freedom in terms of creative freedom compared with other social media sites such as Snapchat where anything goes!


YouTube is a great place to promote your videos and gain more exposure for your channel. You can use it to create effective marketing strategies, but you’ll also need to ensure that the content you upload matches what your audience is looking for. It’s not easy though! If this sounds like too much work then implement the YouTube Marketing Strategy as described here, start small and build up slowly over time

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