How to make Quick money on HAWKIT

How to make quick money to hawkit

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  • Introduction
  • What is HAWKIT?
  • HAWKIT, Legit or Scam?
  • Can i make money on HAWKIT?
  • How much Money can i make on HAWKIT?
  • How to make Quick Money On HAWKIT
  • Hawkit Referral Code
  • Bonus


Hi, have you heard about Hawkit? If yes, that’s okay, but even if you have not heard about hawkit don’t worry. In this article, I will show you how to make quick money on HAWKIT. Yes, people are already making money on Hawkit, but i will show you how to make it fast on Hawkit. But, before we delve deep into that, lets look at what Hawkit is all about.

what is Hawkit?

Hawkit is a unique online market place where buyers and sellers meet. You can equally use hawkit to grow your social media accounts and pages. Hawkit is also a Social Media Job site, where you can perform social media task and earn money. This means that you can join hawkit as an advertiser to post your goods, to promote your social media pages or as a content creator to share ads, follow, Like and comment on posts and pages to earn money.

Hawkit, Legit or Scam?

Hawkit is a legit online site to perform Social tasks and Earn. A lot of Nigerians are making a whole lot of money daily on hawkit and you too can be one of us if you join hawkit now. making money and cashing out same has been tasted and proven by many, yes, it is legit. So, now you know that hawkit is not a scam but legit, right? What else?

Can i Make Money on Hawkit?

YES! You can make noney on hawkit, but you need to register first and activate your account with a token of N1000 before you can even think of making money on hawkit. Register on hawkit now.

How Much Money Can I make on Hawkit?

There is no limit to how much money you can earn on hawkit, it depends on you. You can turn Your Social Media account into a Money Making Machine and start Earning a daily income of up to ₦5,000 by following, liking, commenting, sharing, retweeting or posting adverts for businesses on your social media account and pages. You also Earn an Instant Referral Commission of ₦500 when you refer someone to become a member on Hawkit. The more you refer, the more you earn. So, if you can refer 10 of your friends and family to hawkit daily, you know what that really mean.

How to make Quick money on Hawkit

Let me show you 5 ways to make money on Hawkit:

  1. Sell your own products: post your products advert on hawkit, sell and make money
  2. Resell Products and earn commission: if you don’t have your own products to sell directly, you can resell any of the products posted on the site and earn commission. Just click on the product of your choice, generate link, share, someone buys through your link and you get a commission.
  3. Follow Accounts and Pages: you can make momey on hawkit doing the normal “follow” you have been doing daily on social media for free.
  4. Comment, Like, Share/Retweet: you can make money sharing and retweeting posts, commenting and liking posts. And finally,
  5. Referral Commission: earn N500 from the N1000 every of your activated referral pays. You know that for your referrals to start earning on hawkit, they need to activate their account with 1k, so from every 1k paid to activate an account on hawkit by your referrals, you get a commission of N500. Is that not a win win for you and hawkit?

Now that you already know 5 ways to make money on hawkit, i know you will still want to ask me, “how to make money quick on hawkit”, right?

  1. Carry out all your daily task
  2. Focus more on Reselling products, because that is what will actually fetch you quick money. But the real thing, is,
  3. Referral commission. Guy, concentrate all your attention on this, that’s if you are really serious to make money. The social media tasks will not give you money quick, and even reselling doesn’t happen fast. But, if you can convince more of your friends to join the platform, you will be making 50k to 100k in your first week.

Hawkit referral Code

So, during your registration on hawkit, you will be asked to provide a referrer’s username or leave it blank (optional), please don’t forget to use my hawkit referral code which is Buchibrand. You can also click here now to join hawkit.


Register with my referral code, activate your account with N1000, then come back here and comment your referral code. Once i verify that you have actually registered using my hawkit referrer’s username “buchibrand” and have activated your account:

  1. I will approve your comment, so that other readers of this article can register using your referral code.
  2. You will be added to my whatsapp group where i will be teaching you the secret of how to get referrals from social media and i will equally make a free personalized banner for your social media campaign.

NOTE: the Bonus offer is just for the first 10 people to join Hawkit using my referral code. So, hurry now, before the slots are taken.


Hawkit is website or app where you can make money daily doing simple social media tasks like Commenting, Sharing and retweeting posts. You can equally sell your own products or resell products and earn money. You can basically use hawkit to make money, grow your business, social media account and pages.

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