Tiktok Treasure Box

If you’re a tiktoker, you must have heard of tiktok treasure box. This box makes a whole lot of difference for tiktok users and a valauble tool for those who want to grow fast on tiktok.


Just like the name sounds, it is truly a box of treasure. Treasure box is a box that contains tiktok coins, which can be shared as a gift. It is an empty box that’s loaded with gifts (coins), and this gift is given during a life stream.

Just take it to be a wedding ring box, wrist watch box and every other normal gift box. It is just a container, but in it is the treasure.


Tiktok treasure box is a virtual gift box that is exclusive to Tiktok and usually given out during a live event. When I said it makes a whole lot of difference during a live event, I really mean it. A Tiktok live without a treasure box will likely be boring and having few viewers.


All Tiktok users can gift a treasure box during a live event. The live stream host can gift a treasure box, and the viewers can also gift a tiktok treasure box. But you need to have some Coins in your balance before you can drop a treasure box on tiktok live.


All Tiktok users can benefit from a treasure box, as long as you have a very fast internet connection and click on the box at the appropriate time. Note: Tiktok treasure box is not available in some countries like Canada and few others. So, if you live in any of those countries, you may not have access to the treasure box.


Firstly, to gift a treasure box, you must have a minimum required amount of tiktok coins on your balance. The amount you can varies, to some it could be a minimum of 20coins, 50, 100 or more. So, once you have recharged your balance the next is to visit a live stream of your choice, and start gifting.

Secondly, click on Gift at the lower right of the screen

Thirdly, select the treasure box

tiktok treasure box select

Next, select the treasure box pack of your choice

treasure box pack

You can equally customize your treasure box, to suit your need. In this case you need to click on Other Options >

other options on treasure box
The screen will present you with a form, where you need to fill how many Coins you want to gift, the number of people who can share the coins (5-16 people can share 20 Coins) and the count down time.

For your own good, always use this option and ensure you enter 5 (5 minutes). This will help you as the live host to retain people for as long as the timer keeps counting down (five minutes), because they want to grab some Coins. And for you that want to grow your follow, viewers will be able to see you and connect with you.
how to customize treasure box pack

Once you’re done customizing your Coin pack, just click on SEND and you will see your treasure box display at the top left screen of the live, with countdown timer.

treasure box on a live screen


If you are the gifter, just keep monitoring the timer till it gets to about 10 seconds. Then click on the treasure box and wait till it gets to 0.00, then tap OPEN to grab some of your coins back. But for Treasure Box Hunters (those whose focus is only on treasure box), just click on the box, follow the gifter and monitor the timer to grab some coins.


The main benefit of treasure box is to boost interaction/engagement with users. Once a gift box is ON, all the viewers will have time to focus on other activities as the host instruct them to. And the interaction benefits both the Live Host and the viewers/audience.

Benefits to Live Host

Live host, take advantage of the treasure box to grow your live by encouraging your viewers to follow the gifter, (so that he/she can drop more) follow your Top Viewers/Gifters, Share your Live and Power Tap (Tap on phone screen)

Benefits to the Gifter

Gift more Treasure Box to grow your follow. The more gift box you drop, the more people connect with you, even the host will love to follow you back. But, drop your treasure box where you will gain something from it. Don’t go on a live stream with just 3 people and start dropping treasure box (unless it’s just to support the host)

Treasure Box Collectors

collect as much as you can, then gift it to people with smaller number of viewers to remain at the top 3. This will fetch you more followers. If you do it effectively, you don’t need to spend any money to grow your follow.


Tiktok Treasure Box is a box that contains tiktok gift coins, gifted during a live stream to gain followers and boost live interaction. It helps the live host host to boost interaction and keep viewers for a longer period. While the gifter (if not the host) gains more attention and follow. And coins collectors can grab some coins which they can use to register their name as gifters on live stream.

Now you know what a Tiktok Treasure Box is all about, how to gift/collect it and the benefits of a treasure box. So, go ahead and start practicing what you have gained from this article to grow your tiktok follow.

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