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Start your journey into web development by learning the two basic and fundamental programming languages(HTML & CSS).

Do you want to learn HTML and CSS? Then you need to get this ebook that specially written to teach you all you need to learn html and css


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the building block of all web pages you see online. Html tells the browser how to display your web page/content and it’s used to mark heading (H1, H2,…..H6), Links, Images and other elements. Just consider html as blocks in buildings, no house can be built without blocks and cement.


The second most important programming language is CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheet and used to control and beautify different section/layout of web pages. Just see CSS as paint in your house, which beautifies the whole building. This book will teach you all you need to know about HTML and CSS, and the book is very rich in content, informative and easy to understand and practice.

This Amazon Best Seller HTML and CSS QuickStart Guide: is the Simplified Beginners Guide to Developing a Solid Coding Foundation, Building Clean Responsive Websites, and Mastering the Fundamentals of Modern Web Design.

The best book on the market for modern web design fundamentals for 2022 and beyond!

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Every one of the over 4 billion web pages online today use HTML markup language to display its content. HTML is everywhere. Experienced developers know that a mastery of HTML and CSS fundamentals is not only an essential web design skill, but also the solid foundation of a robust coding skill set that will see you go far into web development.

In HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide, the author, David DuRocher who has over 10 year experience to time to breaking down HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals into practical, interesting and engaging segments aim at helping first-time developers catch up easily.

David’s unique and engaging approach to teaching HTML and CSS principles means that readers are ready to start designing from the very first chapter without enduring an avalanche of boring jargon or dry technobabble.

Use the enclosed bonus digital asset access to go beyond the book with your own hands-on project, GitHub code repository, online tools, resources, and more!

No matter whether you are a student, job seeker looking to improve your resume, freelancer, designer, experienced developer, or just someone who wants to create their own website from scratch, everything you need to know is right here in this book!

And anyone, at any stage of their lives, can learn to code. HTML and CSS are the perfect starting point on that journey—easy to learn, easy to implement, HTML & CSS open the door to a world of coding possibilities.
HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide Is Perfect For:


  • Job seekers looking to increase the value of their resume
  • Artists, bloggers, and digital entrepreneurs who want to customize their web presence
  • WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace users who want to tweak templates and make them their own
  • Anyone who wants to create attractive, responsive, and modern websites with no prior experience needed
  • And you, i mean you reading this article now, need to get this book for yourself, brother, sister, son, daughter or a friend.

Book Content (what you will learn from this book)

  • HTML and CSS for Beginners – all of the core HTML and CSS fundamentals you need to know in one place
  • HTML tags, CSS elements, CSS styling, and exactly how to fit the pieces together
  • Futureproofing – how to design sites that look great on any browser, any device
  • How to save time using best practices to produce clean and tidy code
  • Formatting, sizing, fonts, images, multimedia, forms, sprites, and gradients – all of the tools you need to make your website 100% your own!

HTML and CSS QuickStart Guide Will Teach You:

  • Modern Web Design Fundamentals – How to use the powerful combination of HTML5 and CSS3 to build functional and responsive web pages
  • Site Structure and Responsive Design Principles – How to format HTML and CSS markup to produce attractive web sites and web pages that look great on any browser and any device.
  • Breathing Life Into Your Projects – How to incorporate forms, multimedia elements, special characters and more into your web projects
  • Correct Markup Best Practices – How to efficiently use CSS and HTML together to produce clean, professional HTML documents using industry-standard tools such as GitHub
  • HTML and CSS for Beginners – HTML and CSS elements, formatting, padding, gradients, menus, testing, debugging, keeping your site’s code up to date and more—all supported with abundant visual examples and a practical hands-on project!


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  • Learn html and css

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